Tips for a “STRESS-LESS” Wedding Day

I love it when couples choose to do a First Look!  There's so much excitement in seeing each other for the first time on wedding day!  Doing a first look allows the couple these special moment just between them.  And afterwards it is a perfect time for couple portraits.  It also allows most of the bridal party and family photography to take place before the ceremony, leaving more time to enjoy your guests at the reception.  Something to think about...

*Enjoy an ENGAGEMENT SESSION with your fiance’ and photographer. It’s a great time to work with your photographer and get comfortable being in front of the lens. 

*HAIR AND MAKEUP TRIAL RUN - try out your wedding day hairdo and makeup with your stylist ahead of time, so you will be comfortable with it on your wedding day.

*TIMELINE - organize a Timeline for the day and share with key people:  photographer, wedding day-of coordinator, officiant and DJ. *Contact me free timeline templates you are welcome to make your own. I am happy to work with my couples assisting them with a timeline. As a side note, allow ample time for hair and makeup not only for yourself but any others that may be using this service.  It can take a big chunk of time and can be stressful if you start your day behind schedule. 

*WEDDING DAY-OF COORDINATOR - utilizing a wedding planner, or wedding day-of coordinator can help alleviate the stress of keeping the wedding day sailing smoothly.  If you don’t have an “official” wedding planner, work with a trusted friend ahead of time and share your timeline, design and set up details for the ceremony and reception, provide them with vendor phone numbers in case they need to contact them, and ask them to field any questions that may come up during the day.  They can also prompt key timeline events.

*FIRST LOOK - many couples opt to do a “First Look”.  This is where the bride and groom share a special time with just the two of them to see each other and express their joy for the day. Portraits with the bride and groom and bridal party can follow.  Family groupings can also be done and this allows everyone to enjoy the reception after the ceremony with no interruption for photographs. If you prefer to have the groom wait to see the bride as she comes down the aisle, no worries, choose a timeline that incorporates photography after the ceremony.

*BACKUP FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER - let’s face it, Montana can be unpredictable as far as the weather.  Outdoor ceremonies are beautiful, but having shelter such as an alternative building or tent is a good idea. Whatever your day may bring, embrace it and enjoy the fact this is your day and don’t let anything take away from the joy of it.

*INCORPORATE special and unique to you elements into your ceremony and reception.  This is your day, let it celebrate you as a couple.  

*UNPLUGGED CEREMONY - If you would like your guests to be present in the moment and enjoy your ceremony without the distraction of cell phones and possibly someone getting in the way of the paid photographer and videographer, opt for an unplugged ceremony.  There will be plenty of opportunities for guests to take photos during the reception and throughout the evening.

*REST the night before the wedding.  Enjoy your rehearsal dinner, and then be sure to drink plenty of water and get your beauty rest :)  

*HYDRATE and EAT a small lunch on your wedding day so you will be feeling your best.

*DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY - if you will have a first dance with the bride and groom, practice dancing to your signature song.  If you are uncomfortable dancing with a crowd watching consider taking some dance lessons beforehand.

*SUNSET SESSION - if possible steal away with your photographer for 20 minutes at golden hour for some magical photographs during the best lighting of the day. Love the beautiful lighting and relaxed time for the bride and groom to enjoy this session.